Family Law

The breakdown of a relationship can spell tough times for you and your family. Getting in touch with an experienced family law solicitor as soon as possible can help make the process that bit easier to handle.
Whether you are married, living together or have concerns in relation to childcare or financial arrangements, one of our experienced solicitors will provide you with clear, practical advice from day one.
Our Resolution Specialists’ knowledge and compassion will help you work towards concluding a host of family issues, from divorce to dealing with emergency applications, whilst keeping stress and cost levels low. You can be sure that our team will focus on what is best for you and your family at all times.

We provide the following services and also stated prices for each service:

• divorce application £750 (subject to terms and conditions)
• judicial separation application £750 (subject to terms and conditions)
• paternity disputes £1500
• Financial matters (hourly rate applicable ranging from £165 – £317)
• protecting your interest in the family home application £1500 (subject to terms and conditions)
• transferring rights of occupation application £1500 (subject to terms and conditions)
• Domestic abuse application £750 (subject to terms and conditions)
• mental abuse and violence application £750 (subject to terms and conditions)
• abuse affecting partner/children application £750 (subject to terms and conditions)
• Emergency injunctions application £1500 (subject to terms and conditions)