Family Law:

The breakdown of a relationship can spell tough times for you and your family. Getting in touch with an experienced family law solicitor as soon as possible can help make the process that bit easier to handle.
Whether you are married, living together or have concerns in relation to childcare or financial arrangements, one of our experienced solicitors will provide you with clear, practical advice from day one.
Our Resolution Specialists’ knowledge and compassion will help you work towards concluding a host of family issues, from divorce to dealing with emergency applications, whilst keeping stress and cost levels low. You can be sure that our team will focus on what is best for you and your family at all times.

We provide the following services:

• divorce
• judicial separation
• married/unmarried partners
• same sex couples
• paternity disputes
• Financial matters
• protecting your interest in the family home
• transferring rights of occupation
• maintenance/financial support
• Domestic abuse
• mental abuse and violence
• abuse affecting partner/children
• Emergency injunctions


Immigration Law:

Immigration Services

The quality of our work is repeatedly demonstrated by the very high success rates achieved in cases that we take on. We consistently strive to provide high levels of legal advice and service to all those in desperate need of good quality Immigration advice. Raiyad Solicitors also has its own dedicated Public Law team made up of highly skilled solicitors who undertake complex appeal cases up to the Court of Appeal and House of Lords the Supreme Court.

The services our Immigration solicitors provide can be categorised as follows:-

• Indefinite leave to remain
• Fiance Visa
• Dependent
• Civil Partner
• Working or Studying in the UK
• Asylum, Human Rights and all type of Immigration Appeals
• The Fast Track Process & Detention
• Business Immigration
• Naturalisation
• Citizenship
• EEA Registration Certificates,
• Entrepreneur Asylum,
Human Rights & Asylum
• Applying for Asylum
• Human Rights Applications
• Unaccompanied Minor Asylum
• Appeals
• Judicial Review
• Applying for Immigration Bail

Employment Law:

our services include:

• Disciplinary and grievances Procedures
• Settlement Agreements
• Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal
• Redundancy
• Equality and Discrimination Claims
• Bullying and Whistle blowing Issues
• Employment Tribunal and Appeals


For anyone who is involved in litigation it can be a confusing experience. That is why at Raiyad Solicitors we take the time to sit down with you, understand your situation and make recommendations based on your circumstances and expectations.

We work in a manner that you will find both cost-effective and efficient.

Housing Law: Our Housing Solicitors work includes:

• Professional Proceedings
• Anti-social Behaviour
• Rent/Mortgage Arrears
• Succession
• Evictions
• Disrepair
• Homelessness
• Challenging Local Authority Decisions on Review and Appeal
• Unlawful Evictions.

Landlord and Tenants

Residential; and Commercial.



We specialise in areas:

Partnership Agreements;
Shareholder Agreements;
Company Formation;
All forms of Commercial Agreements; and
Terms and Condition of Trade

Wills and Power of Attorney:

We cover all aspects of Wills including Islamic Wills.

• Making a Will; and
• Power of Attorney.

Welfare Benefits:

We specialise in welfare benefits appeals to the First Tier Tribunal and applications for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal. Our solicitors can assist you to understand the legal process to challenge a negative benefit decision. We are able to advise you step-by-step on the appeals process and help you to prepare for your tribunal hearing.

Our Welfare Benefits lawyers are also able to provide professional advice and representation if you have been accused of benefit fraud.

We can assist with reviews, appeals and disputes against decisions made by:
• Jobcentre Plus, or
• The Tax Credits Office, or
• The Child Support Agency, or
• Your Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit office.

Islamic Law:

Sheikh Saleh Ahmed Hamidi is recognised as the UK’s leading specialist in Islamic Shariah Law and Muslim Chaplain:-

• Sharia Councils
• Muslim Arbitration Tribunal
• Islamic Mediation Services
• Islamic Marriage
• Islamic Divorce


We also provide the services on the following areas:


Property Buying and Selling; 

Drafting Contracts:

Opinion Writing;

Property Disputes; 

Wills and Probate;

Clinical Negligence; and


We have achieved success in helping our clients and in many cases have improved their financial situations. We are proud of achieving results that have a positive effect in improving our clients’ lives.